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A smaller version of your Sweet Memory Album for your family.

A parents album is a smaller version of your wedding album, ideal for your family and friends:

  • printed (chemically exposed) on real photo paper.
  • fine leatherette cover.
  • available in creme, brown or black.

Price Overview Table

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Size Price (incl. parents album and 10 spreads / 20 pages) Each additional spread
7,9" x 11,8" / 20cm x 30cm $220.00 $4.70
7,9" x 10" / 20cm x 25cm $205.00 $4.00
7,9" x 7,9" / 20cm x 20cm $205.00 $4.00
7,1" x 9,4" / 18cm x 24cm $205.00 $4.00
7,9" x 5,9" / 20cm x 15cm $166.00 $2.80
5,9" x 7,9" / 15cm x 20cm $166.00 $2.80

Please note: each parent album will incur an extra shipping cost of USD 10

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