27 Mar, 2018

5 Subjects Your Photographer should know about

If you are getting married to the love of your life this year, then it's pretty safe to assume that you are more than waist deep in the planning and preparation required to put together the perfect wedding! That includes your wedding photography.

Photography is a crucial part of your wedding because it provides the memories of your most special day. Your wedding photos, after all, are the things that you will treasure and use to remember the big day in the years and decades to come!

And, it goes beyond just choosing a photographer. Wedding photography is also about deciding on where to have the photos taken, the kind of poses you want to capture and what type of photo album you will store them in. If you want to be on top of the game, here are some of the top wedding photography trends for 2018.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Past years have been all about the big day and the big day only, but in 2018 your wedding album should start off with a wonderful pre-wedding spread. Not only will this include the morning of the wedding, you can also arrange to have snapshots of your bridal party and your partner's stag-do incorporated. This is seen as a fun way to have your wedding album transition from your last days of singledom into the start of your lifetime of marriage.

Unplugged Weddings

This is a new term that refers to a couple asking guests to refrain from taking any pictures of photos on their own devices during the entire day. It might not be something that guests like, but it means that your wedding photo album is the absolute, definitive memoir history of the big day. The pros of this are that there will be no badly lit, badly focused pictures of you popping up on social media before you have managed to get your own professional shots up for everyone to see.


Welcome to 2018! Drones are making a huge impact in the world of photography, and wedding photography is no exception. You can make your wedding photo album even more dynamic by including wide angle and far-ranging shots that have been taken from a drone operated by a professional. This is a particularly great idea if your wedding is going to have a lot of guests, and also if your reception is taking place in a really scenic outdoor venue that deserves to be shown off to its glorious best.

Flush-Mount Wedding Albums

You have had dozens, even hundreds of photographs taken of your big day, and in 2018 the absolutely go to for storing and presenting them is definitely in a high-quality flush-mount wedding album. They are elegant, heavyweight and most often hand bound, and they will make the visual account of your wedding look and feel even more like a fairy tale than it already was! For an even more personal touch, you can even have the cover of the leather album printed with one of your own wedding photos, giving it the feel of a glossy, almost royal wedding spread!

Smoke Bombs

They might not be for everyone, but in 2018 you are definitely going to see a lot of amazing wedding shoots that involve the use of smoke bombs. The swirling, colourful visuals that a smoke bomb or smoke flair create can add real drama to a photograph, and lots of brides like to choose colours that will blend and work both their dress, their spouse's outfit and the outfits of their bridal party.

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