24 Oct, 2017

7 Common Wedding Album Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Wedding Album Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to wedding memories, gone are the days of sliding photographs into an ordinary generic white photo album and keeping it in the attic never to be looked at again. Today’s discerning couples want something a little more edgy and professional with a more personal touch.

There can be some bewildering options, be it flush-mount wedding albums, magazine style, or gilded. However, if you have planned the perfect wedding, it makes sense to follow up on those memories with the perfect wedding photo album. If you want to keep those images perfectly preserved, avoid these common mistakes.

1. Deciding not to include a wedding album in the budget

The rising cost of planning a wedding can be daunting and the wedding photo album is often cut from the list. Many couples opt for the photographer to provide them with a disc of snaps from their big day. They can then upload them to social media or print them. Remember though, your disc won’t last forever, especially in a world where new media inventions are happening faster than you can say “I do”! A professional wedding album will keep your memories safe for your children and grandchildren and will provide great conversation at family gatherings. A good album can be enjoyed, without making the entire family gather around a laptop.

2. Rushing your decision, or taking too long to decide.

When you are deciding on which photographs to include in your album, make sure you set aside some quiet time with your partner to choose them. Take your time, but don’t wait too long either, as there is nothing quite like the excitement of showing off your professional photographs soon after the event.

3. Choosing similar photographs

Try not to add lots of identical images which can be monotonous to look at. Look for photographs that represent the highlights of your day. Once you are happy with your choice, walk away for a while and go back to it again later. You may well find that you have changed your mind on a few.

4. Less is more

Too many pictures in your album will leave it looking cluttered and untidy. Photographs can be varied in size or spacing. Trust in your photographer’s guidance, because your wedding photograph album will make their skills as a photographer look good too.

5. Do you want the album to be romantic, formal or fun?

Your album should represent the story of your special day, from your preparations right up to the end of the evening. Think about how your images will flow. Ask yourself who the most important people in your life are and make sure they are included in your decision.

6. Choosing the right style

With so many album styles to choose from, it would be easy to just opt for the first thing you see. However, think about your lifestyle and theme of your wedding. Where will you display your album? At the moment flush-mount wedding albums are very popular, as they are strong, modern and durable. There are also options for personalised covers and gift albums for parents. A good company will offer professional advice on colours, sizes, fonts and budget. They also provide easy steps to attain your perfect album and the look you desire

7. Have fun.

Try not view making choices about your album a chore. Your wedding which you have spent months planning for is one of the most special days of your life and your album and the time you put into it should represent that.

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