21 Nov, 2017

7 Things You Should Know Before Creating Your Flush Mount Wedding Album

A wedding day is the most cherished day in a couple’s lifetime. It’s a day of love and joy for both the bride and bridegroom when they decide to leave aside their single life and begin the beautiful (or perhaps tough) journey of marriage. Indeed, this is a day that they want to remember in their entire life. To be able to do so, a wedding photographer is needed in this day to capture all the romantic moments. But wait! Capturing the photos is not enough for a big day like this. They need to be printed and mounted in a beautiful wedding photo album. However, in this case, it is not just any album bought from a random brick and mortar store, but a distinct photo album.

A flush-mount wedding album is exactly what a couple needs to keep their wedding photos. This type of album can be customized to make your photos rest in a unique place that will forever evoke that romantic kiss you shared on your big day. A flush-mount wedding album has an artistic touch that can transform your photos into a flowing story. However, to make the album stunning, you must know a few things.

1. Keep the photos in a chronological order.

When you look at your wedding album, it should evoke memories of the events exactly as they occurred. What am I saying? It should be able to tell a story and the story has to flow well. To make this possible, your favourite photos should be in a chronological order.

2. Only choose your favourite pictures but not the ones you think should be included.

Only your most favourite photos will be able to remind you of the good memories. Don’t choose photos that you think will make other people happy. Remember this is your wedding, not theirs!

3. Let the photos speak for themselves and create a strong story.

Beautiful photos speak for themselves and you don’t have to include words to explain them. Eliminate photos that are not useful but include only those that create a strong and flowing story.

4. Don’t procrastinate.

You want to create your album when the beautiful memories are still fresh in your mind. You don’t want to miss that moment when your partner held you close and planted the first “legal” kiss on your lips or forehead.

5. Don’t overuse Photoshop.

I don’t mean that Photoshop is bad but it can mess everything especially when you are not skilled in using it. There are other tools that you can utilize to design your flush-mount album. These tools include Lightroom, which is suitable for editing the photos and InDesign for laying out the album. Finally, you can use your Photoshop to do the final retouching of your pictures.

6. If your wedding was more colourful, choose more colour and vice versa.

You want to make everything as real as possible. For colourful weddings, the majority of the photos in the wedding album should be in colour.

7. Lastly, keep your album in a safe place where it can be enjoyed but not destroyed.

Your wedding photo album is nothing like your wedding gown. What do I mean? It’s more important as it’s the only thing that can remind you of what exactly happened in your wedding. It should be displayed in a place where you can constantly view it, like a coffee table. It should not be kept in direct sunlight or in a place where it can be tampered with. With the above tips, you can be sure of a stunning wedding photo album.

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