10 Oct, 2017

Choosing the Correct Wedding Album for Your Special Day

There are a handful of occasions which will provide us with memories to last a lifetime. One such event is a wedding. This special day is highlighted by friends, family and (naturally) your significant other. Capturing this timeless beauty with the help of a wedding album is obviously a great idea and yet, there are many different options to select. Let us take a look at the unique types of wedding photo albums currently available as well as why a flush-mount wedding album can be an excellent choice.

Albums at a Glance: Different Tastes for Different Weddings

As you may have already imagined, there are a number of interesting options available depending upon the style that you desire. One popular option is known as a digital photo book. These are actually quite similar to traditional versions. The only difference is that all pages are printed digitally as opposed to containing physical photographs. The main benefit with this method is that there are a number of design possibilities and that users can create a professional-looking album in a short amount of time.

Another interesting alternative is to opt for a wedding album which appears much like a typical coffee table book. As you may have already guessed, the main intention of this variety is to enable friends, family and guests to scroll through your photos in a more informal matter. This can also be a great conversation starter!

If you are hoping to tell a story about your special day, a storybook album could be a great choice to consider. This enables you to chronologically highlight the wedding from the beginning until the end; an excellent method to enable others to feel as if they were by your side.

Home-made versions could be another option to keep in mind. The main benefit revolving around this type of album is that both the bride and the groom can contribute to its overall design. So, you are able to add a bit of a personal touch and even include physical items such as napkins or invitations.

Matted albums can be a final interesting option to keep in mind. These are quite traditional; some examples can date back to Victorian times. Matted albums are equipped with recessed frames. Each photo is then placed within these sections. Note that digital and traditional images can be used within a matted album. As they are not glued onto the pages themselves, it is also possible to rearrange their appearance from time to time.

A Flush-Mount Wedding Album

One increasingly interesting album choice is known as a flush-mount wedding photo album. One of the first takeaway points here is that these versions tend to be of a much higher quality than other variants. Every photo is placed firmly upon cardboard backing using a dry-mounting process. While the majority of these albums are generally presented in the style of a magazine, you are likely to be presented with other variants. The covers of this book are hard. Leather, faux leather and glass are three common materials. These books are often used when high-quality and long-lasting reproductions are desired.

We can now see that there are a number of wedding album options available at your disposal. Please feel free to use this article as a guide when deciding upon which one is the best option. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

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