31 Oct, 2017

Creating A Beautiful Beach Wedding Album

If you're lucky enough to be having a beach wedding, you're bound to want to make the most of your chosen setting. A beachside location can be a fantastic backdrop to capturing precious memories of your special day. In addition, there are lots of 'beachy' ways to make your wedding album truly unique. Here are just a few tips on how to create the perfect beach wedding photo album.

Beautiful Backdrops

When it comes to taking photos of your big day, a seaside setting provides ample opportunity for beautiful pictures. Many artists and photographers find inspiration in seascapes due to the changing colours and light. Take advantage of the special quality of the light by the sea to enhance your photos and ensure you capture the best of the background by incorporating images of the sparkling sea or golden sand.

Perfect Poses

Use the surroundings to perfect your pose! Find a bench or rock to sit on or try paddling in the sea. A meaningful image of the two of you looking out to sea as your contemplate your new life together would make a poignant photo for your wedding album.

Capturing The Moment

Why not write your names in the sand? You could even spell them out with shells. The sea may come and wash the words away but a photo perfectly captures the moment and preserves the memory forever!

Treasured Memories

How about taking a stroll along the beach and looking for treasure? You never know what you might find, but a pretty shell or piece of seaglass can become a genuine memento of your wedding day. Think creatively about how your treasure could be incorporated into your wedding photo album either through a simple photograph or perhaps as a decoration for the cover.

I Do... like to be beside the seaside!

Everyone loves a day at the seaside! As well as being a special day for the couple, a wedding is also about celebrating the occasion with friends and family. A beach wedding offers the perfect opportunity for photographs of loved ones enjoying the sand, sea and sky. Meaningful photos of children building sand castles or running in the surf capture fond memories that will bring smiles whenever you look back on them.

Make It Personal

Our associations with the beach often start from our first experiences of it as a child. It's a place we usually associate with fun holidays and happy memories. Use your album as a way of capturing everything that is personal to you as a couple. What do you associate most with your chosen location? Is it ice creams, buckets and spades or surfing? Or maybe it's a tropical paradise of palm trees and colourful fish. Whatever is most significant to you both, make it a subject of your album and it will always be personal to you.

Something Special

Most of all, enjoy creating your personal wedding photo album. It's there to capture memories to last a lifetime so it's worth enjoying the experience and this will surely show in the end product. Give your photos the treatment they deserve and ensure you choose a high quality album, such as a flush-mount wedding album, to preserve your images at their best. A flush-mount wedding album is more modern and durable than standard photo books and will stand up to the many occasions you'll want to flick back through your fabulous photos and take a trip down memory lane.

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