06 Feb, 2018

Don’t Forget These 15 Items in Your Wedding Album

Even for those no-fuss minimalists out there, planning a wedding is not for the light-hearted. As you know, bringing all the fine details together and blending them harmoniously into the perfect wedding day requires multitasking and skill, and those who make it their business know this and can charge hefty amounts to work their magic. After all that hard work, you don't want to miss out on photographing it all.

Pre-wedding preparations

Capturing the results of your wedding plans as they materialise during the pre-wedding rituals will not only help make a really great wedding album, they're also a visual journey down memory lane, showcasing all the small details and interactions which came together to make a truly fabulous wedding day.

1. The wedding outfits, including the traditional details like garters, something borrowed, etc. Plus the dresses and suits before they're put on.

2. The wedding parties getting ready, include mums and dads positioning veils and ties, bride and bridesmaids having their hair done, and any emotional moments such as hugs; the bride and maid of honour, groom and best man.

3. Group pictures when everyone's preened and ready to roll; maybe a reassuring pat on the back between groom and father. Also stepping into limos or horse-drawn carriages.

The wedding

These are the type of shots most people think about, especially straight after the service when the happy couple race out of the church under raining confetti.

4. Guests eagerly arriving at the venue (church or other) before the party arrives is a nice touch, the wedding party arriving; close-ups of the bride and groom as they nervously make their way inside, walking down the aisle.

5. Capture a wide shot of the guests from how you see them.

6. Exchange of vows, rings, and the big kiss which should receive cheers, whistles, and a few tears.

7. Walking up the aisle with well-wishes from your guests; leaving the church.

8. Stepping into the wedding car, then it driving away with the 'Just Married' creations trailing behind.

9. Traditional after ceremony photos taken in scenic locations, including various groups of (and the entire) wedding party.

The wedding reception

Most good wedding stories are rooted in the antics family and friends get up to during the reception, often a booze-filled, jolly affair. The previous must-have pictures should bring a few tears because of how beautiful everyone looked and because it was a monumental day. But for this section especially, you get to raise a few laughs.

10. While everyone still looks their best, capture the first drinks and warm-up to the reception. These can be posed-for or natural shots, including with proud parents, and entire families.

11. The venue, include close-ups of the table layouts, any pretty features like an ice sculpture, guestbook and, of course, the wedding cake.

12.The toast: the best man's speech and the reactions are unmissable, as are parent's tearing-up or laughing. Everyone lifting their glasses.

13. Cutting of the cake is a must; the bride and groom shoving it into each other's face, optional.

14. Dance shots: the first dance, father and daughter, parents dancing together, you with your small children, if you have them, are all sins to miss. After that point, you know it's going to get messy.

15. Sometimes, couples leave early to jet off on their honeymoon, the grand exit is another essential moment.

Anything else?

The honeymoon... this one's up to you two. But think sunset embraces and champagne breakfasts. Once you've decided on the best, use the slideshow function on your picture viewer to see how they flow together, or use our free wedding album editor. Have fun!

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