27 Jun, 2017

Flush-mount Wedding Album Design Styles

This articles is introducing several wedding album design styles that work well on flush-mount wedding albums and look spectacular once printed. Flush-mount wedding albums open a new dimension of possibilities in the wedding album design field, thanks to their huge size, brilliant paper quality and seamless connection between the pages of an open book. Unlike traditional wedding albums, flush-mount wedding albums allow the graphic designer to create the spread as a whole rather than having to create the layout for each page individually. Also, in flush-mount wedding album design there is no longer a limit on how many photos you can place on a single spread, since the photos can be scaled to any size you want - be it spread spanning large or fingernail sized small.

Style 1 - Central background element - shadowed foreground photos.

This style makes use of the visual power of a large background photo with a central important element, e.g. the kissing couple, the bride dressing, the father holding a speech. Around the background fades out to the sides. Around it small shadowed frames with white borders are placed in a round organic fashion respecting their chronological order. This way you can tell a whole story, while the center piece will represent the climax. The shadows and borders serve to set them visually apart from the background. If you want to use this style, make sure to pick a suitable photo for the background: a beautiful shot with an important central element and a sufficiently high photo resolution to cover the whole spread.

flush-mount wedding album styles

Style 2 - Grid layout that covers the whole spread.

Having virtually unlimited options in a flush-mount wedding album design does not mean that you should forget about the "basics". A simple grid layout - since there is no gutter between the pages it can stretch across both pages - is still a very nice option and possibly suits your photos more than a "more organic" approach. What's more, it can add a bit of structure to your wedding album design as a whole and it is ideal to place a lot of photos on a single spread. By cleverly selecting images with certain dominant color you can create a kind of "meta-pattern" that enhances the overall impression.

flush-mount wedding album styles

Style 3 - Black background with vignetted photos.

Vignetted edges - just like drop shadows - are one of the great benefits of digital wedding album design. Use them and enjoy several advantages: create smooth transitions between your photos, create a special "soft look" that can't be done with hard edges, add some pleasant variety to your wedding album design as a whole. On this spread a vignette effect has been applied to all photos - create some more variety by combining vignetted photos with hard-edge ones - it works very well too.

flush-mount wedding album styles

Style 4 - No border, no background - just photos.

Another style that traditional wedding album designers can only dream of. Like with style 2, your photos are arranged in a grid - with no margins between the photos or to the edges of the spread. All photos cast a strongly faded drop shadow. Like style 2, this style allows you to place a lot of photos on a single spread. Also, this style lends itself to create vertical or horizontal columns by gray-scaling groups of photos. This can be used to highlight a photo-group that you deem more important, thus reinforcing the story your wedding design tells. Another nice little design element that works well with this style is to place text in a semi-transparent block on top of a photo.

flush-mount wedding album styles

Style 5 - Photos cover everything in a semi-aligned "chaos".

Flush-mount wedding album design might not be such a precise art as you think. The reason for this is, that even a seemingly "chaotic" design looks great in a flush-mount album once printed. Your spreads will gain a lot of momentum, a fresh dynamic that makes the whole scenery come to life. If your photos allow it, feel free to jumble your photos about at your hearts content, grouping only some of them, gray-scaling others and sticking some of them in the background - sometimes less is more. If you have good photos, i.e. well light, contrast-full, colorful, this style will be easy to apply and yield an impressive result. This is one of the few flush-mount wedding album design styles that can be applied exclusively throughout a whole album without getting boring or repetitive.

flush-mount wedding album styles

Style 6 - Photos with transparent borders on gray-scaled background.

This beautiful "arty" style can be used in alteration with style 1. Like style 1 it promotes an organic and emotional approach to wedding album design. It is great for telling your story and lends itself for a spread covering an important moment, e.g. exchanging the vows. Of course, the background photo should be high-quality in all respects. Unlike with style 1, with style works well, even if you make one of the foreground photos disproportionately large in relation to the other foreground photos, thus becoming the "main photo" of the spread - an very useful option since not your best photo might have vertical orientation and therefore not usable in the background. The differences will also be in the narrative, while style 1 will feature the background as the climax, here the background merely sets the scene, creates the ambiance and gives the spectator the general idea, what the whole spread is about to tell. Once again, this sort of style is uniquely applicable to flush-mount wedding albums and can hardly be used in any other form of wedding album design.

flush-mount wedding album styles

Style 7 - Horizontal photos - white lines.

The wedding album design styles suggested in this article - with the possible exception of style 2 - might be a far stretch for some couples. Many people are still used to traditional wedding album design and are unwilling to throw all of this "classic" look and feel over board. This style is a compromise between a "traditional design" and the new possibilities offered by flush-mount wedding albums. It retains the structured orderly arrangement of a traditional album - going as far as reserving a whole page for a single photo - while adding some design features that formerly have not possible like white separator lines or a margin-less photo-column. This is to illustrate that flush-mount wedding album design does not have to be revolutionary - it can cater for all tastes.

flush-mount wedding album styles

And finally...

In conclusion, please keep in mind that we have shown only but a few of the limitless options offered to you by flush-mount wedding album design. The all have been proven to work well on the printed result. This is not so say that other design styles won't work equally well. Being a flush-mount wedding album designer mean being an endless experimenter and creative combiner of different styles, rather than a mechanic user of design templates. This is what makes it so much fun and so rewarding for the people those albums are intended for.

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