11 Jul, 2017

Flush-mount wedding albums vs photo books

The two contenders for the most modern form of wedding album to date are the flush-mount wedding albums and the photo book. Both compel with their fantastic "Magazine-Style" designs that distinguish them from traditional wedding albums, e.g. self-mount albums or matted albums. But which of those two options should you choose for your wedding album? This article tries to help you make a decision.

Let's meet the contenders! - The wedding photo book

Wedding photo books are available in a variety of different finishes starting with fairly "plain" and inexpensive books - the content is digitally printed on both sides of normal paper pages. Sizes range from very small to medium size (9"x9"). For weddings only premium versions that are printed on photo paper are suitable and still the floppy and thin pages lack the endurance usually looked for in a wedding album. Though colors are nowadays quite good, they certainly do not last a lifetime.

The flush-mount wedding album.

Flush-mount wedding albums are the upper class of wedding photo albums. Firstly, their pages are made of photos that have been exposed on premium photographic paper. Secondly, these photos are dry-mounted on quality cardboard or other stabilizing materials, e.g. PVC, to create flat pages, about 1/20" in thickness, that do not bend. And Thirdly, they feature high-quality covers in real leather, hand-crafted and specifically created for each individual album. Covers may have a photo inserted or even be skilfully embossed with a personal text. Due to the rigid nature of the pages quite big sizes are possible (15" x 12") without compromising quality or stability.

When you are looking for a medium to hold the precious memories of your wedding the question of the type of wedding album is very important. If faced with the question, whether to choose a flush-mount wedding album or a wedding photo book, you have to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Are you looking for an album that will preserve your memories for a lifetime?
  2. What is your budgetary limit - do you look for quantity or quality?
  3. Does the album itself have to represent a certain value?
  4. Is sturdiness and stability an issue?

Pro wedding photo book.

Wedding photo books have their greats advantage when it comes to affordability. Their prices start from just 10$. What's more, they are easy to purchase, since a vast array of online and offline businesses offer them. Often wedding photo books come in combination with design software that makes it easy to create an album design even for amateurs. A premium wedding photo book is still cheaper than a flush-mount wedding album, plus it is easier and quicker to come by.

Pro flush-mount wedding album

You will simply get the highest quality available today. Flush-mount wedding albums carry an everlasting look, since the colors will not fade in a lifetime and will look as fresh and brilliant as on the first day, to really preserve the memories of your wedding. Their sturdiness and stability ensures that they don't break and their pages don't get damaged due to bending. The crafty and noble appearance of flush-mount wedding albums due to high-quality real leather cover materials and skilfully hand-crafted binding sets them clearly apart from even the best wedding photo books. And certainly don't forget about the nice handling due to their size and weight. Last but not least, being a premium product, flush-mount wedding albums are commonly bundled with a professional wedding album design service, if you don't have the time or skill to create your own design.

In conclusion

The choice is really quite simple: if you are on a limited budget ( < 200.- ) you will have to settle for a wedding photo book. If you choose a premium finish, you will still get an acceptable wedding album. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will preserve your memories and accompany you a lifetime, you will go with a flush-mount wedding album.

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