16 Jan, 2018

How excited are you about creating something totally unique?

With so many beautiful ways to present you wedding photos, it's hard to choose exactly which album will work best. You might like the page layout in one, but prefer the material of another, or the colour isn't quite right. Forget limitations. You had an amazing wedding and you deserve an equally fantastic album, so design one how you want it.

Once you've picked a design, and we must say that flush-mount albums are a stylish choice, you can think about ways to personalise it. Here are 5 ideas:

1. Use exclusive materials

First, think about how you want your wedding album's overall design to look and feel. Like selecting nice fabric for clothing, when you pick it up to browse through or show off, how do you want it to feel? What colour is it going to be: real leather in a subtle cream tone to match your wedding dress or pale blue to match the sea where you honeymooned?

2. Bling up the pages

Though there's nothing wrong with a plain-edged page, if you're the type of couple who like to add a little bling to everything, how about precious metal gold or silver gilded extra-thick pages? Combined with a leather cover and filled with your amazing pictures, it will look like your very own national treasure.

3. Embossed cover inscription

You know how people smile when they look at a photo? Let the first smile be with the introduction to your wedding story; a grand title. You can have your wedding album cover printed with a metal printing block like from the olden days (made just for you), or using a modern laser embossed technique. What will you write: The Jones's; Our wedding album; The sweetest wedding story ever?

4. Mix it up

When you flick through a magazine, you'll notice the images are not the same size on every page. Some are full page landscape style, others are only a quarter page portrait aspect with a few carefully chosen words below or above. Also, for artistic flare, photo's are not always in colour. For the quality of the photo paper itself, gloss always looks great, but a matte finish looks good in bright or dull light. And for those messy fingerprints around the edges, silk patterns help disguise them.

5. Add text: show and tell the story of your wedding day

You want your wedding album to conjure up more than just a snapshot of how it all went, what married life means to you and how you want it remembered. You'll probably have your own quirky dialogue to the events as they unfolded; adding text to your pages (all or some) you can add the story of your wedding day in caption form, ready to reminisce over with future generations.

Can you see it?

After looking through your wedding pics, glancing at your ring for the thousandth time between slides, the memories of your wedding will have that certain je ne sais quoi to it - this is what you should aim to capture. You can use some or all of our customisation tips, or you can always buy some glitter-glue and go crazy.

To help with your creation, you can use our editor for layout ideas. Or if you'd rather talk through your design ideas with a real person, feel free to get in touch, and hopefully we can inspire you some more in creating and customising your perfect wedding album.

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