05 Dec, 2017

How to Avoid Hidden Wedding Album Costs

Weddings represent one of the happiest days of a couple’s life. It is the day when they officially announce to the world that they will be together through thick and thin. Such a day is worth remembering and is the reason why people will record the activities in a wedding photo album. If you still haven’t tied the knot yet, you probably look forward to that day when you will make memories. You may find that a wedding album costs a lot more than you had expected, and way out of your budget. In order to avoid having to pay more than what is in your budget, here are a few things you can do to reduce the costs.

Compare the Prices of Different Vendors and Providers

It is prudent to compare the prices of different vendors before you make the decision on which one is the best for your wedding. It is more like window shopping. Some of the photo albums include coffee table books, digital photo books, montage albums, and flush-mount wedding albums. Your goal is to get a good album at a price that you can manage. It is good to actually find some time and look at what these vendors have to offer, instead of just choosing one which could be unnecessarily expensive.

Ensure The Photographer Doesn’t Charge Too Much For His Services

Unless you are a celebrity who does not mind spending tonnes of money on a wedding photo album, get a photographer to charge an amount that is favourable to you. This is pretty easy. All you need to do is negotiate the price with the photographer before he or she begins the work.

Take Advantage of the Power of Table Cameras

When the photographer has to take all the photos in different places and situations all by himself, he will probably charge more. This is why the idea of table cameras is brilliant. Disposable cameras are put on tables where guests can take photos of each other. You’ll discover that it will be a lot more fun and they will capture those rare moments worth remembering.

Create Your Own Design

When you let the photographer do everything, you will obviously pay more, which is why choosing to make your designs is a clever move. It is a great way of eliminating the design service. Alternatively, you can use the collaborative design service that we offer our clients.

Our online editor will be made available for all your needs. Our online editor enables you to do the following: decide the number of pages of the album, pick photos that should be made prominent, and choose design preferences. For instance, you could choose to add personal text and the order in which your photos are to appear.

Adjust The Prices of the Albums Where Possible

You can customize the look of your album to fit your budget. There are several ways in which you can do this. You can compare the prices of different types of photo papers, finish of page edges, spreads, thickness of pages, number of parent albums and type of cover material. An example of this is lowering costs using a leatherette cover for your flush-mount wedding album instead of metal imprint.

Your special day deserves all the glamour. It should remain in your memory forever. If you are planning to have a wedding soon, these tips will help you get not only the wedding album that you need but also one that fits your budget. You will get to spend within your budget yet keep those beautiful memories of the most important day in your life in a worthy container.

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