20 Jun, 2017

How to create a wedding album in Collaborate Mode

The Collaborate Design Mode allows you to create your wedding album design in collaboration with one of Sweet Memory Albums' graphic artists. The Collaborate Design Mode gives you full control over your album design and ensures at the same time ensuring a quality result that adheres to the highest professional standards. This article guides you through the process - from uploading your photos to handing your design over to your dedicated graphic artist from Sweet Memory Albums.

1. Upload your photos.

At the end of the ordering process you get the change to upload our wedding photos. It is advisable to choose your photos carefully and upload only the ones you want in your album. Every superfluous photo increases your upload time and obstructs the design process.

2. Design your cover - or skip this step.

The Online Editor allows you to design the cover of your wedding album. If you want to do this at a later point or let your dedicated graphic artist do it for you, you are welcome to skip this step by clicking the Next button.

3. Run Auto-Distribution, double-check the Auto-Distribution result & re-run if necessary.

To run "Auto-Distribution" click on the Magic-button, open the "Auto-Distribute"-tab and choose one of the follow options:

Automatic Auto-Distribution analyzes the available photo informations and tries to use the best distribution option. The "automatic"-option is used by default - try a different option, if the first distribution result was not satisfactory.
Photo date Auto-Distribution orders your photos by the date when they were taken. This option usually yields the most accurate result, however on photos without the "photo date" information it won't work - whether this information is set depends on the camera with which the photos were taken.
Photo name Auto-Distribution orders your photos by their names. Often photographers supply uniformly named photos with an order number that reflects the chronological order. If your photos are named like this, the "photo name"-option will work well.
Upload date If you have uploaded your photos in chronological order, this option will work best.

Re-run Auto-Distribution several times and try different options. Click on the Preview button to take a look at the Auto-Distribution result. Choose the option that works best - you might still have to apply manual corrections.

4. Manually finalize order of spreads & photos

Your design might have one of the following two flaws.

A.) Your spreads are not ordered correctly - to correct the spread order go to the Spreads-tab. Drag & drop your spreads into the right order:

Change spread order

B.) Your photos are not on the correct spreads. The easiest way to transfer photos from one spread to another is via the Copy & Paste functionality of the Online Editor. Select the photo(s) you want to transfer by clicking on a free spot on the background and dragging the mouse over the photos you want to select:

Select photos

The selected photos turn red. Now click the Copy photos button. Then change to the Spreads Tab-spread and click on the spread you want to transfer to. Click on the Paste button to paste your photos on this spread. Finally, change back to the original spread to delete the obsolete photos from it by clicking on the Delete-icon.

5. Make you favorite photos more prominent & leave us notes.

At this point you are almost done! As the final step, go through each spread one-by-one and make the photos that are important to you larger than the rest by dragging the Resize-icon of the respective photos. If you have any design wishes & ideas that you want to tell us, click the "Expert Help"-Button and choose the following options:

Note options

Then, type your message in the text field below. Repeat the same process for each spread. Once you are done click on the Submit button to submit your design to your dedicated graphic artists from Sweet Memory Albums.

Your dedicated graphic artist will apply the actual wedding album design and send you design proofs by email for your confirmation. If you want something changed, tell her - your graphic artist will change it and send you new proofs. We will repeat this process until you are absolutely happy with the result!

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