13 Mar, 2018

How to create the perfect wedding album

Weddings are all about enjoying the moment and creating memories to last a lifetime, and one of the ways these memories are preserved in the form of the traditional wedding photo album. Hiring a good photographer and putting together a beautiful album has become one of the most important aspects of getting married, and since this really is a once in a lifetime chance, everyone wants the album to come out perfect and to truly represent the best day of their lives. After all, these are the photos that you will end up showing your kids and grandkids. Here are our tips on how to create your dream wedding album.

Choose the photos you love at first sight

When choosing the photos for your album, always go with the ones that you fall in love with at first sight, the photos that bring back incredible, beautiful memories for you and that make you want to cry tears of happiness or laughter. Everyone has an idea of how wedding albums should be, but a typical, textbook wedding album is not what you will want later on. Your album should be individual and reflect both of your personalities, so don't worry if the photos you like aren't the typical posed ones that your photographer spent 30 minutes taking, or if they are a bit goofy. Natural is always better, and you won't regret it in 10 years when you are looking back with your kids and remembering those special moments you shared.

Choose colours carefully

Think about what colour schemes you want to use for the album. If your wedding was a very colourful affair, and the photos are vibrant, choose plain colours and beige or grey tones. If your photos are more minimalistic or in black and white, choose a stronger colour to compliment them. The last thing you want is to create a tacky mix of vibrant colours or to create an album that is just too dull.

Be careful when selecting group shots

No album is complete without a few group shots featuring all the friends and family, but you should take extra care when selecting these ones. Lets face it. A group photo with so many people never turns out perfectly. There is always someone with an odd expression, with the eyes closed, in the middle of talking or looking the wrong way, but go through them carefully and choose the one where the majority of the group are looking and come out pretty decently. A photo with many imperfections could ruin the elegant feel of your album.

Don't go overboard with the quantity of photos

As with everything, less is more. Though it may tempting to send practically 99% of the wedding photos to print, this is a terrible idea. You will up with an overwhelming book that is more about quantity than quality, and that doesn't really feel special or tell any kind of story. Don't clutter the book, and keep things minimalistic. The photos should always speak for themselves, and adding text, borders or other details could really detract from them.

Choose photos that represent every big moment

It is important to always choose a few photos that represent the biggest, most important moments of the ceremony, like the ring exchange, kiss and aisle walk, and shared looks between the bride and groom. These photos are especially vital because they are not posed and will give a great natural touch to the album, too.

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