18 Jul, 2017

How to design a flush-mount wedding album

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In the last couple of years flush-mount wedding albums have become increasingly popular. In short, they are properly bound high-quality wedding albums, printed on real photo paper, with "board type" pages that do not bend. Flush-mount albums usually feature "Magazine-Style" layout design and are bound in precious leather- or leatherette covers.

The history of flush-mount wedding albums.

The assent of flush-mount wedding albums has started around 10 years ago and still gains momentum. It is tightly linked to the proliferation of computerize layout design, which is the basis of "Magazine-Style" album layout.

How flush-mount wedding albums are created.

The creation process for flush-mount wedding albums is time consuming and involves a lot of care and skilled craftsmanship. Professional flush-mount albums are created with a specialised machine that helps to archive clean results regarding the mounting, cutting, creasing and binding. Each page of a flush-mount album consists of a sheet of real photo paper that has been mounted on a fine stabilizer.

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The actual creation process involves the following steps:

  1. Printing the photo sheets (exposure by light, usually done by a professional photo lab)
  2. (Flush-) mounting the photo sheets one-by-one on the stabilizer. Stabilizers are usually made of fine cardboard, but other materials can be used, e.g. PVC.
  3. Cutting and creasing of each page.
  4. Binding all pages together to form a solid book.
  5. Enveloping the "page book" with a leather or leatherette cover. Professional flush-mount albums are usually bound in high-quality covers that have been hand-crafted for "their" album. Often a photo inset is inserted into the cover. The most exclusive makers offer embossed cover text.

Only albums that have undergone the afore mentioned process can be called "genuine flush-mount wedding album". It is common that low cost wedding album makers create their albums in a manual process that is less thorough and results in much lower quality "lay-flat albums".

Benefits of albums created with flush-mount technique.

Flush-mount albums have several characteristics that distinguish them positively from traditional self-mount albums, scrap books, matted albums or photo books:

  • They have flat and thick pages that do not bend.
  • They are printed on real photo paper sometimes even with a choice of various different photo paper types, e.g. gloss, matte or silk pattern.
  • They are professionally bound in fine real leather or leatherette materials.
  • They can be designed in "Magazine-Style" allowing for beautiful graphic effects, i.e. drop shadows, grayscale or smooth transitions between photos.
  • They are available in a huge variety of sizes including very large formats, e.g. 15" x 11"
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Without exaggeration it is fair to say that flush-mount albums are currently the most precious and spectacular container for photos memorizing important personal events such as weddings, anniversaries and christenings.

Who sells flush-mount wedding albums?

Usually, newly married couples acquire their flush-mount albums via their photographer (often involving a sizeable commission for the photographer). This is due to the limited availability of those albums to retail customers, since a lot of makers prefer to do business with companies only. Still, couples that want to purchase their album directly will find a couple of online vendors giving them the possibility to do so. Sweet Memory Album belongs to the few vendors that not only sells genuine high-quality flush-mount wedding albums directly to end customers world wide, but also offers a fully featured online editor that allows their customers to either design a wedding album in collaboration with a professional graphic artists or completely by themselves.

Who should buy a flush-mount wedding album?

Flush-mount wedding albums are the ideal choice for couples that want to:

  • Acquire a "proper" album. Flush-mount wedding albums are large, heavy and feel nice when handled. Thanks to their size, they are perfect for demonstration purposes to others.
  • Tell a story. Thanks to "Magazine-Style" design on the computer and the possibility to seamlessly combine text and pictures, flush-mount wedding albums are perfect for narrating stories.
  • Preserve their wedding memories in a "worthy" container that is more precious than a mere self-mount album or photo book.
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