04 Jul, 2017

How to design a wedding album cover

"Don't judge a book by its cover" they say - and they are wrong! A wedding album with a badly designed cover is a faux pas that will significantly diminish the beauty and personal value of your wedding album. The cover is as much part of the over-all design as the most important & elaborate spread within your album and therefore must be stylish & tasteful - just like the rest of your album. This article illustrates the options you have, when designing your wedding album cover with the Online Editor.

The simple text cover.

The most popular option for a front cover is a simple text cover, typically stating you names and the wedding date. You may also choose to add the wedding location and a little "book title" like "Our wedding" or "Our special days".

Our cover texts are artfully embossed with especially molded metal printing blocks. Available colors are Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Black.

Simple as it may be, on a "simple" text cover you can still experiment with font type, color and positioning and due to the high quality embossing even simple arrangements look spectacular. We have added a few variations below:

wedding album cover 1
Cover text with name, date & location
wedding album cover 2
Cover text with initials & date
wedding album cover 3
Cover text in script font with name & title
wedding album cover 4
Cover text with name, title, location & date

The simple photo cover.

A photo cover, e.g. a front cover with a square or rectangular photo inset, is a popular alternative to a text cover - after all, "a picture says more than 1000 words". Name, wedding date and location can easily be added to one of the album pages and therefore don't need to be on the cover.

Our cover photos are printed on special material to make them sturdy and resistant to finger marks. They are available in several different shapes and sizes. We have added a couple of different variations below:

wedding album cover 5
Large rectangular cover inset
wedding album cover 6
Small rectangular cover inset
wedding album cover 7
Large square cover inset

Text & photo combination.

With our wedding album covers you can have the best of both worlds: combine text and photo on your front cover. As with the first two options, all sorts of variations are possible as shown below:

wedding album cover 8
Photo + 1 text line
wedding album cover 9
Photo + 2 text lines bottom
wedding album cover 10
Photo + 2 text lines top & bottom

Whole cover photo.

If you are looking for a more modern style, there is still one more option: the whole cover photo that covers your whole front cover reaching right up to the edges. It can also be combined with text (non-embossed but inserted on the photo itself).

wedding album cover 11
Whole cover photo

Text on the back cover.

Some people choose to add some text to the back cover. This can give your album cover a special touch. I would recommend this in particular, if a certain phrase has a strong emotional value for you, e.g. maybe an excerpt from your vows.

wedding album cover 12
Back cover text suggestion "Forever & a day"
wedding album cover 13
Back cover text suggestion "happily ever after"!

If you design your own cover layout with our Online Editor, feel free to experiment just like you would when you design one of the pages of your wedding album. The Online Editor puts all options we offer at your disposal and provides you with a good preview of how it will look once created for real.

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