02 Jan, 2018

How to make an awesome parent album for your dad

For most dads, since the day they held their baby daughters in their arms for the very first time, and for the tumultuous years that followed into adulthood, had an image in their minds of the day they'd walk her down the aisle.

When they hand over the reigns to another, it's a proud but emotional day. After being mentally played out for years, suddenly, it's all over. Of course, it'll be talked about for years to come. And he'll often glance at the nicely framed wedding photo which holds centre-stage in the 'best' room and maybe gulp back a tear. Imagine how chuffed he'd be if he had all your wedding photos to reminisce over; it's not just mums who get sentimental.

Say thanks with a parent album

Weddings are crazy, beautiful occasions. Planning one takes time and nerves of steel, and unless you hired someone to do it for you, getting everything and everyone organised can be akin to herding cats. For parents, your wedding day is probably the single biggest occasion on their life calender.

Knowing how to really say thanks, besides a hug and a mention during the toast, isn't always easy to convey. Have you thought about giving them a parent album? They make brilliant gifts.

What's a parent album?

Parent albums are mini versions of your wedding album, and they usually go down a treat. Really, is there a better way for dads and mums to remember their kids' wedding? Now that everyone takes pictures on their phones, besides the photographer's which will hang on the wall, chances are your parents will only have a random selection of okay-ish wedding pics. And they'll probably do little with them except swipe through them when they show their friends.

How to make an awesome parent album

You've got a few options: wait until you get your wedding photos and then put one together yourself, or have one (or more) specially made at the same time you order your wedding album. Our parent albums are exact smaller versions of the main album, and hopefully you agree that a genuine wedding album replica makes a pretty awesome gift. There's no doubt it will be treasured.

Parent albums get the same VIP treatment

If you've had chance to read about the different type of wedding albums we create, then you'll already know about the great materials we use. We use the same flush-mount technique and quality photographic paper in creating parent albums too. The covers are also bound in leather or leatherette, and every detail down to the text printed inside will be identical. A baby version of your wedding album.

Have some fun and try out our free online wedding album editor

If you've not started organising your photos and you're just looking for ideas, feel free to use our online editor. Or if you're not the creative type, check out some of our previous creations, or you can use our graphics team to make something unique.

Already started your order?

No worries. If you've already started, or haven't made your mind up yet, parent albums can easily be added to your order at a later point and will be delivered by one of our trusted delivery guys (or girls) along with your wedding album.


The look on your dad's face when you give him his gift. That will be worth taking a picture of. Whether you're the bride or the groom, parent albums are a great gift idea for both your families and friends.

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