07 Nov, 2017

Keeping control of your wedding album budget

Whether it is the way you have always dreamed it to be, or a struggle to make it so: Your wedding day is the most important day in your life. A day full of love, joy, and maybe a few tears. But most of all, your wedding day holds many precious memories and moments you will always want to remember back to. Creating a photo album is the perfect way to keep all these moments and photos together. By designing your own flush-mount wedding album, you can keep these memories safe for all those years to come. A wedding is always something very unique and special, and with our Sweet Memory Album Editor, you can make your own wedding album all the same.

Feeling creative? Using our in-browser editor, you can create your very own album design yourself. It is fast and easy- choose your own layout, cover and upload your photos without the need for additional software. You can also choose to design in collaboration with our experts. We will help you at every step along the way, to make your wedding photo album just the way you want it to be. Or leave all of the work up to us- With our design service, we take care of everything, according to your wishes. We will design the album completely, add your photos and ship it. All you will have to do is enjoy your own, professional Sweet Memory Album.

A flush-mount wedding album is the perfect way to commemorate your marriage. That is why you should not have to settle for anything you do not want or need. After the design is done, you can choose what you want your album to be like. Out of our many available album sizes, you will always find your perfect match. Your photographer made lots of beautiful photos, and by choosing the number of photo pages yourself, none of them will need to be left out. To give your pictures the presentation they deserve, you can choose your type of high-quality photo paper for your album. By choosing your preferred paper thickness, you can make sure that your album still looks and feels perfect at your golden anniversary. A real-leather or leatherette cover in your favorite colour gives your Sweet Memory album a stunning finish. And if you need more than one album, you can also order smaller parent albums to keep your friends and family covered.

With our flexible pricing system, you can decide what you want to pay for. The price of your product is determined by your choice of material, size, number of parent albums, shipping service and your design service, but you will always have full price control over your album. Every pricing option is explained step by step. It is up to you to create your perfect wedding album. And no matter what you order, a Sweet Memory Album is always a high-quality product. We will make sure that your wedding photo album always satisfies your needs.

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