19 Sep, 2017

“Magic Moments … Filled with Love”

To paraphrase the old song, a wedding is (or should be) a magical occasion filled with love. The problem, of course, is that there is so much happening during the most special day of your life that only fleeting memories remain. A camera cannot capture the sound of those wonderful words “I do” but it can certainly capture the moment to be relived in the years to come. While the actual ceremony is the focal point of the occasion, there are countless other magical moments that would fade into distant memory if they weren’t captured forever in that all-important wedding photo album.

Something Old, Something New

Wedding albums are an integral part of any marriage nowadays but are hardly a new concept. The first albums appeared centuries ago but were the prerogative of the wealthy upper classes due to the high cost of photography and photographers. The design and layout of the standard wedding photo album of years ago was pretty much at the discretion of the photographer, who took all the photos, but things have advanced and improved in recent years. Nowadays, almost everybody has either a digital camera or camera phone (or both) and there can be literally thousands of pictures taken at any wedding.

Today’s happy couple now has not only the “official” photos to choose from but hundreds of others that were taken by family members, friends and guests. Just as the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds so has the way in which modern-day wedding albums are designed and produced.

Wedding Announcement

Gone are the days of a simple white cover with a few pages containing the standard posed wedding photographs as the last decade announced the arrival of the flush-mount wedding album. These modern and stylish albums have risen in popularity to become the number one choice for newly-married couples. Now, the decision as to which photos to include in the album lies totally with the newly-weds and the look, feel and tone of the finished album is down to personal tastes and preferences.

Flush-mount albums are extremely versatile both in design and layout. The photos are presented in the same fashion as found in magazines with full-page spreads if desired. No space is wasted as the pictures are the pages, having been printed on photo-quality paper and then dry-mounted on a card or PVC backing. Just as in a magazine, flush-mounted wedding albums allow for text (in a range of fonts and colors) to be inserted which is great for adding personal captions or comments. Furthermore, the photos can be edited to produce an impressive collage or even blended from one into the next in a smooth transition. Basically, any effect conceivable can be achieved with flush-mounted albums and the only limit is your own imagination.

Photo Finish

According to the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” but flush-mounted wedding albums are the exception to the rule. To complement a gold or metal edging to the pages, the cover of the album can also be customized and made unique with the addition of a favorite photo. The photo is inserted into the cover and, to add another touch of class, text can be laser-engraved or embossed in gold or silver onto the genuine leather or leatherette cover.

Wedding Present

Friends and relations will look after the toasters and electric kettles but the best present you can give yourself has to be a very personal and personalized flush-mounted and embossed wedding album. These are your special memories of a special day so why not make them extra-special by selecting your photos, your design, your layout and your personalized cover to make it not just a magical day but a magical event?

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