05 Sep, 2017

Share your memories with parent wedding albums

A beautifully produced wedding album is truly a thing to cherish. It’s a special memento that tells the story of a very special day. And with so many options available when it comes to design, layout and themes, you can really produce the wedding photo album that you want and that captures your memories. But those memories aren’t just yours. They’re also the memories of the guests who came to see you tie the knot. Just as you’ll want to relive the day by taking down your album and looking through it, so too will your family and friends. For this, parent wedding albums are ideal. They’re perfect gifts for both family and friends.

Match your main album

Parent wedding albums are smaller versions of your main album. But smaller doesn’t mean cut down. Your parent wedding album matches your main album exactly. Whatever your picture choices, whatever your theme and whatever your layout, a parent album will follow suit. This makes them great keepsakes to give away to those who’ll really value them. They’re perfect, of course, for parents who will want a reminder of their son or daughter’s wedding. They’re also perfect for other family members, whether that’s a brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin. Maybe you also had family members who couldn’t come on the day. Perhaps you have grandparents or other older relatives who weren’t able to travel. A parent album is a great way to share your memories with them and help them feel that they were there.

Produced to the same high standard

Just as the smaller size of parent albums doesn’t mean compromising on content, style or layout, there are also no corners cut when it comes to production. Like your main album, parent albums are printed on high quality photographic paper with the same choice of a matte, gloss or silk finish. They’re also produced using the flush-mount technique. This means that you’ve got the same flat, strengthened pages to house and protect your photos from bending. And like your main album, parent albums come with a real-leather or leatherette finish with the same personalized front cover. Whatever the specifications of your main album, your parent album will match it.

The same professional service

All albums are handled with care, attention and professionalism. And this carries on through the delivery process. Like your main album, parent albums are securely packaged and delivered by trusted couriers. This means you can be sure that when your album reaches you, it's going to be in mint condition.

Parent albums are a great way to share your memories with family and friends. Produced to the same design and to the same high level of quality, they match your main album exactly. They're also given the same professional care and attention during packaging and delivery. Whether the recipient was lucky enough to be there or couldn’t attend on the day, they make a perfect gift they're sure to want to keep.

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