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Design your wedding album together with your friends.

During the last years, the internet has reinforced the modern DIY culture and Sweet Memory Albums is contributing its part by providing an easy-to-use online wedding album design software. We continuously are amazed with the the design skill demonstrated by the users of our Online Editor every day. But even though designing your own wedding album is a nice thing to do and most people are really good at it, wouldn't it be even better, if you could involve your friends and family in the creative process? Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and a couple of new features in the Online Editor is is possible now!

About social media in general.

Facebook & Twitter are of ever increasing importance in the 21st centuries. In the same way in which it has become normal to have an email address, it has become more and more commonplace to have a Facebook & Twitter account. Social media are important tools that open new possibilities in terms of communication and interactions with our friends and acquaintances. This is why the Online Editor features a powerful social media intgration to help your creating even better wedding album designs.

The "Feedback" tool - share each spread.

Our social media "Feedback" tool allows you to request feedback from your friends via Facebook & Twitter for each of your spreads. A link to your spread will be posted on those platforms and your friends and followers will be invited to comment on how they like it and what they would modify. The security of your wedding album design won't be compromised - nobody will have read & write access to the actual design except you. Your friend's comments will be imported back into the Online Editor where you can read and act upon them. If you want, you can then publish an updated version of the same spread for a second feedback round.

We feel that this functionality is of great use, in particular since a lots of your wedding album spreads will feature one or several of your friends - with the "feedback" tool you can involve them in the design process and benefit from their "outside"-perspective. They have been there with you, but quite likely, they were less busy and less emotionally involved. Also, with wedding album design as with any creative work, feedback is very stimulating and will help you to think carefully about your design choices, before sending your wedding album into print.

html5 wedding album designer 2
Step1 - click on "Get Feedback now"
html5 wedding album designer 2
Step 2 - connect to Facebook or Twitter
html5 wedding album designer 2
Step 3 - your friends comment on the spread
html5 wedding album designer 2
Step 4 - your friends feedback is imported back into the Online Editor

The preview - share your whole album.

Alternatively to sharing each spread individually, you can share your whole wedding album design. This is done by clicking on "Preview All" - our album previewer will pop up - and then clicking the "Share this with your friends"-button. After this you have to provide Facebook authorization via Facebook's own secure login window. This will post a link to an animated Flash-viewer of the entire wedding album design on Facebook for your friends to view and comment upon.

While it is harder to provide comments for a complete album design than for a single spread, some people will prefer looking at a complete design rather than a single spread, before they can formulate their opinion. Personally, I would use this "share-the-whole" album feature, in combination with the "Feedback-tool", e.g. by first doing a couple of rounds on individual spread feedback and at the end doing a final round with the whole album design.

html5 wedding album designer 2
Click on "Share this with your friends" to publish a link to your wedding album design on Facebook

Let your friends design for you - in the future.

We are on a mission to continuously improve the functionality of our Online Editor including the social media integration. With the next editor release, we are planning a "Design-with-your-friends" feature, whereby all of your friends will be provided with a separate version of a spread via Facebook or Twitter. They then can modify this spread as they deem best using a slimmed down version of the Online Editor with permission to modify only that spread. Once they are done, they can submit it to your design and you can view a list of all those new versions within a special panel of the Online Editor. You may transfer the one you like best back to your wedding album design. That way, your friends can help you with a tricky spread or you can even get your whole album designed by them in one big collaborative effort. For some couples this might reflect the spirit of their wedding. Celebrating together and afterwards creating an album together to memorize the event.