12 Sep, 2017

The historic tradition of wedding photo albums

Albums of wedding photographs have been popular since photography began, and they truly took off in the 1880s. In the present day, a wedding album remains a beautiful reminder of a wonderful day.

A centuries old practice

It was a Victorian custom to create a souvenir album of wedding photographs, often adorned with careful calligraphy and dried flowers from the floral decorations used on the day itself. One of the earliest photographs in Britain depicts Queen Victoria and Price Albert in the 1850s, recreating their wedding for the camera. The wedding itself took place in 1840, and this reflects the fact that early wedding photo albums did not consist of photographs taken on the actual wedding day. Rather, couples would pose formally after the wedding had taken place. This was due not only to the cost of photography but also to the strictures of photographic equipment at the time: when having their photograph taken, subjects had to stand still for nearly a minute in order to prevent the image from being blurred - very difficult during a wedding celebration. Modern couples have more options open to them, and can incorporate a variety of photographs into their wedding photo album. Photographs of the ceremony itself, photoshoots in all of your wedding finery, and older photographs from when you first met can all be displayed in a gorgeous flush-mount wedding album. Space can be left for additional photos to be added, for example of your children or of subsequent wedding anniversaries.

Wedding album design

There are albums on offer to suit everyone's tastes. Whether you want a classic white album or something in your favourite colour, and album that incorporates treasures souvenirs (such as confetti or a rose from the bridal bouquet) or one that tells a chronological story, you will have no problem designing the ideal album for your special day with an expert wedding album company. It is also possible to get specialised albums, for example for LGBT couples and for couples who want their children to feature as prominently as they do in the collection of photos. An attractive cover will make a flush-mount wedding album so much more special, and there are numerous options for you to choose from here including classic plain covers, covers with a central photograph, or covers that feature the couple's name in beautiful flowing writing.

A wonderful gift, as well as a repository for memories

As well as being something special that the happy couple can keep for themselves, albums of wedding photos make wonderful gifts for the friends and family who shared the day too. A flush-mount wedding album helps you to keep those memories alive, and it can be placed on a coffee table or in pride of place on a shelf or mantelpiece to be leafed through whenever the fancy takes you. For many couples, collection photographs into a deluxe album is an essential part of the wedding. Organise yours today so that you can preserve those special memories for generations to come.

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