03 Oct, 2017

Tips For Choosing The Photos For Your Wedding Album

You've had the magical wedding of your dreams. The photos are amazing, filling you with a sense of joy when you look at them. You both spent months picking through all types of wedding options and you've decided if you want a flush-mount wedding album or a photo book. How do you pick out the best from the hundreds or even thousands of photos taken on the day? Here's a list of hints and tips on choosing the best photographs for your wedding album:

1 - Have an idea of the style of photos you want in the album

Do you want a formal portrayal of the big day or a relaxed and informal picture of what the wedding was really like? This will help to decide which pictures are the ones for the album and which aren't.

2 - Respect each other's opinions on how they look in the photos

It'll save you time and arguments if you let it go if one of you really hates themselves in a photo the other likes. Looking at images of yourself is just as difficult for some people as listening to your own voice is for others.

3 - Make a list of the most important moments to you both

When making up your wedding album think about every moment that was special and find an image that captured it. It's not a bad idea to write a list of everyone you want to have a photograph of in the album.

4 - Make your wedding photo album up as soon as possible

Don't leave it for months, or years, before you make up your wedding photo album as you'll forget which moments were special and it's less and less likely to actually be completed if you leave it for years and years.

5 - You can always make up more than one album

Gifting albums to parents is a popular choice. If your mother wants some photos and your mother-in-law wants different ones to appear, then there is nothing to stop you from printing different versions.

6 - Pick one photo that represents the day to you both

Asides from a beautiful shot of the pair of you, pick one photo that really captures the day. Whether it's a pair of muddy boots, a lovely shot of the scenery or a glamorous scene of the reception choosing a single photo will help you pick out all the others.

7 - Include shots that show the details as well as the big events

Choose a few pictures that highlight some of the little details, like flowers, table arrangements and decorations to have a bit of variation from shots of people.

8 - Don't get obsessed with balancing out photos of the family

Concentrate on telling the story of your wedding day and don't get too upset about having equal numbers of photographs of each family. Instead concentrate on the important moments, like father-daughter or mother-son dances, speeches and other events that had family members participating in the wedding.

Taking the time to pick out the wedding photos is an important step as this is the way you will remember the wedding in years to come. Choosing the type of album you display these photos in is important as well, so take some time to decide between options like a flush-mount wedding album or a photo book. It's also one of the last wedding choices you'll be making, so enjoy it.

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