27 Feb, 2018

Why a parent wedding album is a great gift to keep the in-laws happy

If you're getting married this Christmas, it's a double-whammy for in-law experiences. Even if you get on wonderfully with your partner's parents, keeping it all up can be hard sometimes. Especially when you just want to chill and have some alone time. But you know it's all part of the game, and you sincerely love them as if they were your own. You genuinely want to keep them happy, (because) you want to know that they really think you're the perfect partner for their beloved child.

So if you're just wed or about to get married, few can deny that a Christmas wedding is an absolute double-whammy for the in-law quota. We respect you. And no pressure, but don't forget that your wedding alone will probably be the best and most important thing that's happened to your in-laws in eons anyway, so if it's around the festive period, guaranteed they're just as excited as you, probably more so.

A great gift idea to keep your in-laws sweet

Knowing you're under the spotlight anyway, if you want to keep them extra sweet, why not give them a present they'll not only genuinely like, but one they'll also cherish for years; the type of thing they'll proudly boast about when people call in for a cuppa - a super-cute parent wedding album. But you might be wondering: what exactly is a parent wedding album?

Parent wedding albums are:

Little blueprints of your very own wedding album. So for a gift, they make awesome presents. They're personal, and they far out-do the (expected) blown-up version of the old nicely mounted scenic-shot wedding photo of couples given to parents and other family members for the past fifty years. There's nothing wrong with these types of nicely mounted scenic or ambient photographs, but if you've held a parent album, you know what we're getting at (not to brag). Call it a thanks for being the best in-laws, a bonus Christmas present, a stocking filler, a sugar-coated blatant creep, whatever. But guaranteed, they'll love it, and if you can take some credit for it, they'll love you even more. Here's why:

Parent wedding albums look and feel simply fabulous

Regular-sized flush-mount wedding albums instantly stand out. Today, we use lavish materials including leather or leatherette, and are able to print meaningful gold-leaf quotes onto fine paper and seal memories as words to compliment beautiful wedding photos, just like any treasured document. Now imagine a little version - that's what a parent album is. And if you're like half the people we know, you'll probably fancy one for yourself too?

New to wedding album design? Use our free wedding album editor to perfect your ideas

We could suggest so many ideas for the perfect wedding album design, and if you're having a Christmas wedding, then we can recommend silvers and shiny whites, color blotches like reds and greens on flowers highlighted on black and white photos, but the best way to see how your pictures will be presented is to play. Try different tones and mood filters, look on places like Pinterest for inspiration. And to see which of your favorites make the final cut, we've got a wedding album editor primed and ready to roll, take advantage and play - think about what your in-laws would love to see in their parent albums. Best wishes, have fun, and don't stress. Any problems, our creative team will come to the rescue, just give us a shout.

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