13 Feb, 2018

Why a winter wedding warms everyone's hearts

Brits love to complain about the unpredictable UK weather. It's almost an obsession. Especially when it's cold. Sometimes when it's hot. Considering that rain, gales, severe heat or cold and everything in between are all possibilities for the great British weather system (on the same day), this weather-obsessed nation may rightly complain. Trying to plan a wedding can be a trickier than average affair. Photographers have several challenges too. However, one thing people love doing the world over is wrapping up cosy.

A winter wedding warms everyone's hearts

When you live in a nation where it's often colder than hotter, then you get to have lots of fun with all the winter-themed wedding ideas for half the year, which basically involve layering up in lavish faux furs and decking the halls with everything grand and twinkling, and feasting on delicious food. Considering how magical wintertime is, fairytale-like magical, then perhaps there's really no better time of year to get married?

First, it's ridiculously romantic

Roaring log fires, roasting chestnuts, being cuddled up under a blanket with your lover. Cooking hearty food you wish you could eat all year and being able to wear cosy jumpers to hide the evidence. Winter is ridiculously romantic, but that's not all.

Get the best scenic places all to yourselves

No wedding album is complete without 'the scenic shot'. And while this can become an issue in summer when anyone and everyone flocks to every square inch of public parks and litter the best beauty spots with themselves, when it's cold, the most you're likely to see blotting the landscape are hardy dog walkers. This means you get the best scenic places all to yourself, and there shouldn't be anyone interrupting that all important, once in a lifetime, photo shoot.

Take advantage of an early sunset

While it's true that natural light is in short supply in winter, it doesn't have to be your enemy. You can get some fantastic sunsets in the shorter months, still leaving plenty of time for the evening celebrations. Just remember that although long shadows can add to fairytale landscapes, they're not flattering on human subjects.

Wow guests

Christmas lights, Santa's grotto, Times Square and some of the most dazzling shows on earth are not as spectacular when seen in the light. If you want to throw a wedding to be remembered, there's no end of lighting options available to transform any venue or outdoor space into a truly breath-taking event. An added bonus is that most venues should have a nice lighting display already in place during the festive season. Which takes us on to the next reason winter is a great time to have a true fairytale wedding.

Bargains to be had

Except for the usual Christmas and New Year key dates, grand halls, castles and stately homes with lavish gardens and lakes are all popular venues in the warmer months, but not so much in the colder months. Yet, often framed with spotlights, these places look often look their best under darkness, and are much cheaper to hire out of season.

Which Wedding album styles work best?

It's easy to say how the crisp lines of a white flush-mount wedding album will make your winter themed photos look extra amazing, but it's going to come down to your personal choice. You can play around with our free online wedding album editor for inspiration; like preparing a special meal, once you see it coming together, you'll know which finishing touches will make it perfect. And If you have something entirely unique in mind, our graphics team are always on hand to help bring your creation to life.

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