15 Aug, 2017

Why you can trust our online wedding album reviews.

Ever more people are confident to make ever larger acquisitions online. A couple of years ago it was unthinkable to buy something without looking at the physical item beforehand, but nowadays online ordering has become commonplace.

This increase in trust has been caused by several factors, such as better online shops and secure payment systems (like PayPal), but most importantly people draw confidence from the positive experience of other shoppers: Online reviews have become the decisive factor that determines whether people trust an online vendor or not.

As a maker of wedding albums, we are particularly sensitive to the complete satisfaction of our customers, since we are dealing with their unique - once in a life time - wedding memories. Complete satisfaction is an ambitious goal, but we seem to have succeeded in a lot of cases as our numerous positive wedding album reviews on yelp.com and weddingwire.com stand as proof. But...can you trust these reviews?

We would like to put our Yelp reviews on the line for your own intense scrutiny. Please have a careful look at our online reviews and double-check for yourself:

1.) Our reviews are written by native English speakers.

Almost all our customers are native English speakers. This shows in our reviews - and this is something one simply can not fake. Even advanced level non-native speakers will make the odd mistake or use words that don't feel quite right.

2.) Our reviews are authentic.

Quite possibly, you have written an online review yourself some time in the past. Like every person you have a unique perspective, focusing on particular aspects of the things you describe. You will also have an unique vocabulary, so your review will be like no other - almost like a textual fingerprint - so if you see reviews written in different styles and highlighting different experiences, these will be genuine.

3.) Our reviews are predominantly positive.

Interestingly, studies have proven that people are more likely to write an online review when they are dissatisfied. Happy customers might be well disposed to write a review, but are likely to postpone the actual writing indefinitely. Unsatisfied customers on the other hand have that nagging feeling of having been cheated - they will get immediate relieve from making their dissatisfaction public and will want to warn others. Therefore, they are more likely to write an online review. In conclusion, a high percentage of positive reviews indicates that there simply have not been many unsatisfied customers - otherwise, they would have made themselves heard.

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