Design your wedding album using your own software.
Design you own wedding album Create your wedding album design yourself and at home with the software you prefer and send it to us via the upload functionality of our website.

After your upload we will make sure that your design is suitable for printing, getting in touch with you, if necessary. Once your wedding album is finished we will send it to you with our reliable partners TNT or GLS.

Guidelines for submitting your own wedding album design:

When exporting your wedding album design before upload, please follow the guidelines below:
  • The design must be the same size as the opened wedding album. For example, if you design for a 15.8" x 11.8" album, your designs have to measure 31.6" x 11.8".
  • Leave a 2/10th of an inch bleed around your designs. This is necessary for printing and will get cut off (see illustration below).
  • Provide us with either JPG or PNG files.
  • Export your layouts in 300 dpi resolution.
  • Use the sRGB color space.
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Example: spread dimensions required for a 15,8" x 11,8" wedding album design:
Wedding album design bleed
It is easy and fun to design your wedding album yourself!

We have put together some tutorials that will make it even more enjoyable.
How to design a wedding photo album.
How to create a story book wedding album.
The Online Editor - Getting started guide.
How to design a wedding album cover.

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