Create your wedding album design with the Online Editor.

A getting started guide.

The Sweet Memory Albums Online Editor is a fully-featured wedding album design software that runs completely in your browser with no need to install any extra software. Since it runs in any browser, you can work at your album, wherever you are - all you need is the link to your album provided in an email to you. Intelligent features allow you to create your perfect wedding album design quickly, effectively and without wasting time. If need be for professional support, the Online Editor provides you with easy access to Sweet Memory Album's design & printing experts that will answer any question you may have within 24 hours.

This guide aims at giving you a comprehensive overview, how to best use the Online Editor in order to create that wedding album design you really want to have.

1. Upload your photos and use Automatic Photo Distribution.

Firstly, you have to upload your photos. The upload of large number of high resolution photos - as needed for a perfect print result in a high-quality wedding album - can be a lengthy process. An average high resolution photo in JPG format will be about 5 MB in size. The Online Editor allows you to upload them gradually. You may even start designing your wedding album right away while the upload continues in the background at the same time. Still, the simplest way to go about your design is as follows:

  • Carefully choose the photos you want in your wedding album beforehand.
  • Upload those photos and wait until the entire upload process has finished. Naturally, it will still be possible to add or remove photos afterwards. At this point, it is important that the bulk of your photos has been uploaded and is available for Auto-Distribution.
  • Go to the style magic-tab and press run auto distribution. Auto-Distribution is a clever mechanism that analyzes your photos and distributes them over the pages of your wedding album automatically. This will save you a lot time and creates the perfect basis from where to start your wedding album design.

photo auto distribution
Automatic photo distribution
Auto-Distribution works best, if all your photos have set their "photo-date" (the precise date and time when they were taken) - still, the algorithm is flexible and can also work with your photo's names or their upload date, i.e. the order in which you upload them to the Online Editor. Since at this point you have not started manual work on your wedding album design, it is save at this point to choose the "Apply auto-distribution to everything"-option. Initially, go with the "Automatic" distribution option - if the outcome is not satisfactory try the other options and stick with what looks best. In some cases it will be necessary to apply slight corrections in the spread order after successful distribution.

2. Design your wedding album cover.

While your photos upload, you are welcome to design the cover of your wedding album. The cover design will not be overwritten by Auto-Distribution even with the "Apply to everything"-option checked. The wedding album cover editor allows you to create your personal cover text in your preferred font type, color and position. Also, you can change the cover material and add a cover photo by dragging one of your photos onto the cover (however, you will have to wait until this photo has been uploaded). Your choices regarding your cover design might impact on the overall price of your album, e.g. a real-leather material costs more than a leatherette material. You can monitor all price changes by clicking on the album price info symbol in the top right corner.

wedding album cover text designer
Wedding album cover text designer

3. Start "Spread-by-Spread" designing with Style-Magic

Let's recapitulate where you are at - you have designed your wedding album cover, uploaded your photos and successfully "auto-distributed" them over the pages of your wedding album design (possibly including some manual corrections of the spread order). Your wedding album design has all your photos neatly organized, leaving you with the task of making the individual spreads "look beautiful". For this process, the Online Editor provides you with two "Style-Magic" tools that help you save time and make your live easier:

photo auto distribution Auto-style - helps you to align your photos cleanly on the current spread. As a matter of fact, this powerful feature automatically creates a spread design that even by professional standards can be deemed nicely laid out and suitable for printing. Simply click on one of the available styles and get a pixel-exact alignment automatically applied to the current spread.

photo auto distribution Auto-arrange - helps you to fine-tune the way your photos are laid out on a single spread. It presents you with a series of small spread previews, of which you may choose one for your current spread simply by clicking on it.

4. Manually finalize the wedding album design of each spread.

Having thoroughly applied step 1 - 4, your album should already look very good and be technically ready for printing. Still, the Online Editor does not want you to stop here - it puts a vast array of professional design functionality at your disposal, allowing you to transform your design from "very good" to "outstanding" and add your very own personal note. The most important design functionalities can be applied from a panel that appears under each photo when hovering over it.

edit panel
Photo edit panel

Those are:

photo border Border - you can apply a border to any of your photos. Borders can be applied as outer or inner borders. You can set their color, strength and transparency.
photo border edit panel

photo shadow Shadow - drop shadows look nice and can set your photos apart from the spread background. You can fine-tune their offset and blur values as well as the shadow color.
photo border edit panel

photo vignette Vignette effects - a vignette effect looks beautiful - a semi-transparent vignette effect can give your photo a nice "retro"-look. Also, it can help you to create a smooth transition between your photo and the spread background. Vignette effects can be applied all-around you photo or only on a specific side, e.g. left, or top-bottom. You can also control the vignette color and transparency.
photo vignette edit panel

photo graysale Grayscale effects - grayscale effects make your photos black & white. This is particularly useful for backgrounds. Also, alternating between gray scaled and colored foreground photos can give your wedding album design a special touch.
photo grayscale edit panel

photo background Background photos - put photos in the background of your spread. This looks great on flush-mount wedding albums and is an option you should not ignore.
background edit panel

5. Use the Online Editor's "Expert-Help" system.

expert help The Online Editor is especially designed to be usable by everybody who is familiar with other graphical tools or even just word processing software like Microsoft Word. Still, sometimes is is the easiest to simply ask somebody rather than experimenting for hours on end. Therefore, Sweet Memory Album's design & printing experts are always at your side and can be easily contacted via the "Expert-Help" tab in the Online Editor. You will receive a reply within 24 hours the most (usually much sooner).


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