With our built-in Expert Help system you get the answers you need to create your perfect design.

Whenever you have a question during the design of your album, you can open up the "Expert Help"-tab and ask for the answer - right here and there, where you need it.

Our design and printing experts will help you with anything - from solving technical problems to providing creative advice. Do not hesitate to ask and arrive quickly at a perfect design!

A final check from our experts for a perfect printing result.

We want you to create your own wedding album according to your ideas and wishes - the Online Editor gives you the means to do so, but small mistakes can happen and often have a negative effect on the final result. That is why, our printing experts give your online design a final check to make sure that the final result is perfect.

What we double-check: Before After
Alignment & shadow mistakes:
Can happen quickly and inadvertently. They can do a lot of damage to the overall look of a spread. We make sure none of them is in your design before we start printing.
Printing bleed problems:
It is essential for a good printing result to respect the printing bleed (shows in the Online Editor as a blue line at the edges of the canvas; gets cut off after printing). We make sure all margins to the bleeds are set correctly.
Resolution problems:
Our Online Editor helps you to keep the print resolution in mind (red or yellow warning icon at bottom left of photos with low resolution). To be safer still, we will contact you, if we notice that the resolution of any of your photos can be improved and try to find a solution together with you.
And lots more:
Lots of other problems can occur and harm your final printing result. Our printing and design experts will examine each spread of your album closely and make sure everything is perfect.

A final printing proof for your confirmation.

When our final check is done, we will send you a printing proof as PDF by email for your approval. Only once we have received your confirmation, we will go ahead with the printing.