Flush Mount Albums

Our flush mount lay-flat albums are crafted with hard covers and "board type" pages that will not bend. Your photos are dry mounted on cardboard to lay completely flat and extend across the entire page. We use premium paper for printing and combined, this type of mounting and high quality printing protects your sweet memories for a lifetime.

Magazine-Style Albums / Montage Albums

"Magazine-style" refers to the design style inspired by fashion magazines, but depending on the designer, the style of each album will be different. This layout is commonly referred to as digital montage and is designed on the computer using custom- or template- generated images.

Digital photo albums / books

Digital photo albums are albums that display digitally printed photos. As with our flush mount lay-flat albums, designers have the ability to create special effects such as transitions or faded edges and can use several photos on one page creating the "magazine-style" layout.

Coffee table books / photo books

Coffee table books are usually oversized, expensive, and usually an illustrated book suitable for displaying on a coffee table for guests to view. The quality of coffee-table books depends on the type of paper being used.

Story Book Albums

story book albums have photos which are placed in chronological order and tell a story about the event as shown in the photos.

Matted Albums

Matted albums are albums with recessed frames, in which each photo is hand-mounted. The photos are digitally or traditionally printed and can also be changed also after completion of the album.

Self-mount Albums

The most common form of a traditional album, self-mount albums are created with photos which are manually mounted and can be arranged and rearranged several times throughout the life of the photos. These albums are easy to construct, but do not always have the ability to endure long term.


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