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Creative solution for alpha channel in online album designer.

Desktopbased professional wedding album design software often supports alpha channel functionality and most importantly, the ability to blend photos into each other. Since our wedding album design software is webbased and therefore runs in any modern web browser, we were of the opinion that alpha channel functionality is not possible to implement. Until recently that is - it is true that no browser as of yet supports bit mask functionality that allows to selectively and dynamically modify the alpha channel value of individual pixels of JPG images, but this does not mean that alpha channel functionality can't be supported by our online album design software. This article demonstrates the "creative" solution to the problem we came up with.

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How to make your wedding photos look their best.

No matter whether you got your wedding photos made by a photographer or by your friends, there will always be a couple of photos with unique motives that you want to have in your wedding album, but that do not look perfect due to technical reasons such as bad contrast, insufficient lighting, blurriness or an odd color tench. This articles introduces you to a couple of techniques that you can apply to your wedding photos in order to fix those problems and make them look their best.

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How to design a wedding album cover.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" they say and they are wrong! A wedding album with a badly designed cover is a faux pas that will significantly diminish the beauty and personal value of your wedding album. The cover is as much part of the overall design as the most important & elaborate spread within your album and therefore must be stylish & tasteful just like the rest of your album. This article illustrates the options you have, when designing your wedding album cover with the Online Editor.

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How to best choose photos for your wedding album.

Designing a great wedding album begins with choosing the right photos. The importance of choosing your photos carefully can hardly be overstated. Regardless of whether you are planning on designing your own wedding album or getting it designed of you, a sensible choice of photos is the foundation of any good wedding album design. This article outlines how to best go about it.

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How to make your wedding album design ready for printing.

Thanks to the increasingly widespread DIY culture of the internet age, plenty of couples feel confident to create their own wedding album design. This trend has enabled the 21st century bride and groom to create their perfect unique wedding album completely by themselves. Sweet Memory Albums has frequently been positively surprised by the artistic creativity and technical skill demonstrated by our customers. However, we often discover small yet crucial mistakes when making our customers designs ready for printing. This article highlights the most common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to making your wedding album design ready for printing.

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Why you can trust the online reviews of our wedding albums.

As a maker of wedding albums, we are particularly sensitive to the complete satisfaction of our customers, since we are dealing with their unique once in a life time wedding memories. Complete satisfaction is an ambitious goal, but we seem to have succeeded in a lot of cases as our numerous positive wedding album reviews on Yelp.com and Qype.co.uk stand as proof. But...can you trust these reviews?

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Let's collaborate - a getting started guide.

The Collaborate Design Mode allows you to create your wedding album design in collaboration with one of Sweet Memory Albums' graphic artists. The Collaborate Design Mode gives you full control over your album design and ensures at the same time a quality result that adheres to the highest professional standards. This article guides you through the process from uploading your photos to handing your design over to your dedicated graphic artist from Sweet Memory Albums.

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How to create a story book wedding album.

Story book wedding albums try to retell the story of the wedding day and highlight it's most important moments. For that reason, the photos are placed in chronological order and titles are added to the pages, narrating what is happening or whom the page is dedicated to, e.g. "The Reveal", "The Groom" etc. In theory, any wedding album, no matter whether "flush-mount" or any other wedding album type, can be a story book wedding album.

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How to design a wedding album.

A comprehensive tutorial with pictures, examples and movies.

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Flush-mount wedding album vs. wedding photo book.

The two contenders for the most modern form of wedding album to date are the flush-mount wedding albums and the photo book. Both compel with their fantastic "MagazineStyle" designs that distinguish them from traditional wedding albums, e.g. selfmount albums or matted albums. But which of those two options should you choose for your wedding album? This article tries to help you make a decision.

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Flush-mount wedding album design styles.

This articles is introducing several wedding album design styles that work well on flush-mount wedding albums and look spectacular once printed. Flush-mount wedding albums open a new dimension of possibilities in the wedding album design field, thanks to their huge size, brilliant paper quality and seamless connection between the pages of an open book. Unlike traditional wedding albums, flush-mount wedding albums allow the graphic designer to create the spread as a whole rather than having to create the layout for each page individually.

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Create your wedding album design with the Online Editor.

The Sweet Memory Albums Online Editor is a fullyfeatured wedding album design software that runs completely in your browser with no need to install any extra software. Since it runs in any browser, you can work at your album, wherever you are all you need is the link to your album provided in an email to you.

Intelligent features allow you to create your perfect wedding album design quickly, effectively and without wasting time.

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What are flush-mount wedding albums.

In the last couple of years flush-mount wedding albums have become increasingly popular. In short, they are properly bound highquality wedding albums, printed on real photo paper, with "board type" pages that do not bend. Flush-mount wedding albums usually feature "MagazineStyle" layout design and are bound in precious leather or leatherette covers.

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