Choose your best fit from our vast choice of wedding photo album sizes.

Whatever your wishes and whatever your budget - there are no limitations. Choose the ideal size for your wedding photo album.

Flush-mount wedding albums
Centimeters Inches
40cm x 30cm 15,8" x 11,8"
35cm x 35cm 13,8" x 13,8"
35cm x 28cm 13,8" x 11"
30cm x 40cm 11,8" x 15,8"
30cm x 30cm 11,8" x 11,8"
30cm x 20cm 11,8" x 7,9"
28cm x 35cm 11" x 13,8"
25cm x 25cm 10" x 10"
22cm x 30cm 8.6" x 11,8"
20cm x 25cm 7,9" x 10"
20cm x 20cm 7,9" x 7,9"
20cm x 15cm 7,9" x 5,9"
15cm x 20cm 5,9" x 7,9"
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